The haunting of the historic Bellwood Manor House on DSCR takes center stage on Halloween
Built between 1797 and 1804, the Bellwood Manor House on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia is one of the oldest houses in Chesterfield County. It’s listed as a national, state and county landmark. It was added to the federal National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It’s also known as the home to all sorts of ghosts and goblins. In the fall of 2017, a film crew from the Fishersville, Virginia based Twisted Paranormal Society spent a couple of days and nights inside the house, as well as other historical areas on DSCR and got to experience this phenonium first-hand. A crowd of roughly 150 filled the old Center café on DSCR to get a special viewing of the Bellwood episode of The Twisted Realm series in the old center Café Oct. 31, 2019.