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DLA Troop Support Subsistence provides food services across the globe to all of our customers. We are proud to support the warfighter and federal partners with quality, nutritious foods to meet a variety of demands. For detailed information about the Food Services contracts in your area or for your installation, use the search feature below. Use the magnifying glass to see more information about a contract of interest.

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Contract Number Region State/Country Vendor Type Commodity Status
SPE300-24-D-4000 Pacific Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Diego Garcia Prime Vendor N/A Active
SPE300-23-R-0039 Pacific Hawaii, Alaska, Guam Prime Vendor Beverage Pending
SPE300-23-R-0029 North East Virginia Market Fresh Produce Pending
SPE300-23-R-0019 North East Mid-Atlantic North (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C.) Prime Vendor N/A Pending
SPE300-24-R-X007 Latin America Mexico (Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, La Pax, Tiapas-Tapachula, and Huatulco) Prime Vendor Produce Pending
SPE300-23-R-0045 South West Arizona Market Fresh Dairy Pending
SPE300-24-D-3000 South Central Texas (San Antonio) Prime Vendor N/A Active
SPE300-23-R-0038 South East South Carolina Market Fresh Dairy Pending
SPE300-24-D-W003 North East Virginia (Norfolk) Prime Vendor Bakery Active
SPE300-21-D-P368 Northwest Washington, Oregon Market Fresh Produce Active
SPE300-24-D-3001 South East South Carolina Prime Vendor N/A Active
SPE300-23-D-W007 South East Gerogia Market Fresh Bakery Active
SPE300-20-D-V350 South East Georgia Market Fresh Dairy Active
SPE300-20-D-4058 Pacific Hawaii Prime Vendor N/A Active
SPE300-24-D-W001 South Central Texas (San Antonio) Market Fresh Bakery Active
SPE300-24-R-X001 North West Colorado, Wyoming Market Fresh Bakery Pending
SPE300-23-R-0014 North West Idaho Market Fresh Produce Pending
SPE300-23-R-X013 North Central South Dakota Market Fresh Dairy Pending
SPE300-23-D-S763 North West Oregon, Washington Market Fresh Produce Active
SPE300-23-D-P409 North East Pennsylvania Market Fresh Produce Active
SPE300-23-D-V017 North East New Jersey and Lower New York Market Fresh Dairy Active
SPE300-23-D-V016 North East New York, New Jersey Market Fresh Dairy Active
SPE300-22-R-0025 Pacific Hawaii Prime Vendor N/A Pending
SPE300-23-D-3361 South Central Texas (Central TX) Prime Vendor N/A Active
SPE300-23-R-X014 Latin America Colombia Prime Vendor Produce Pending
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