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Applications | Jan. 20, 2022

DIELOG - DLA Integrated Email Logistics

DIELOG Information

Provides the capability to send and receive Military Standard Logistic System (MILS) transactions, via the Electronic Mail System. This system is available around the clock. DIELOG will return exception transactions. The purpose for DIELOG is for those customers who do not have access to a MODEM (for dial-up) or DDN (for network).

DIELOG is intended for LOW VOLUME use, which is less than 2,500 records per day. If a user anticipates a continuously higher volume of transactions, please contact DLA-TS Help Desk to discuss an alternate method of communication.

DIELOG has three formats which can be used:

DIELOG Requirements:

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Message system is limited to 200,000 bytes.
  • User's Email address must be provided
  • Testing is required before activation

Assistance and Contact Information

The DLA Transaction Services DIELOG point of contact is:

DLA Transaction Services Information Center
Phone DSN 986-3247
Commercial (937) 656-3247