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Applications | Feb. 3, 2022

SLES - Shelf-Life Extension System

SLES Information

Shelf-Life Extension System (SLES) is the DoD Shelf-Life Management system regarding internal shelf-life policy information for the life-cycle management of standard and hazardous shelf-life items contained in the Federal supply system.

SLES is also the central DoD data repository for Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards (MQCSS) and the Quality Status List (QSL). SLES users search the Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards (MQCSS) and Quality Status List (QSL) databases to view data elements required to determine if a shelf-life NSN can be extended. MQCSS provides guidance on inspection, testing, and storage requirements for Type II extendible shelf-life materiel. MQCSS is the authority for shelf-life extension when visible inspection only is required. QSL contains the results of previously completed laboratory extension testing.

SLES is accessed via the DLA Enterprise External Business Portal (DLA EEBP) . (CAC enabled)

Benefits of Shelf-Life Management

  • Saves government money
  • Less HAZMAT is wasted
  • Maintains usability of materials

Access to SLES

To access SLES, you must request a role via Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS). Select the "Request Access" button to be directed to AMPS. If you do not have an AMPS account, you will create one first.

Request the READ ONLY role unless you have been instructed to choose a different role.

Click here to view Registration guidance

Assistance and Contact Information

For system access or technical issues please contact the DISA Global Service Desk:

  • Toll Free: 844-DISA-HLP (844-347-2457)
  • DSN: 850-0032
  • Press 5, then speak or enter D-L-A