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Applications | Feb. 3, 2022

WEBREQ - Web Requisitioning

WEBREQ Information

Web Requisitioning (WEBREQ) is a Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) Web product that provides customers a means to input materiel requisitions, cancellations, follow-ups, modifications, and Materiel Obligation Validation (MOV) documents either interactively or input via an ASCII file. WEBREQ also provides status and response documents back to the user.

The capability identifies and provides for various transaction formats, and their associated data fields. The capability also provided drop down data pick lists to assist the user in selecting the appropriate entry for a particular field. As an example, pick lists are provided for document identifiers, and unit of issue, such as a document identifier of 'A01' (OCONUS requisition) and a unit of issue of 'EA' (each).

The 'Upload File' capability provides the user the ability to locally develop transactions, based upon MILS transaction formats, and upload them into the web server for processing through DAAS. This allows for quicker data entry, if the user wants to minimize web access time.

Files utilize the DAAS DDN File Format, instead of JANAP-128 message headers and trailers, for building the message envelope for file submission to DAAS. The 'View Sent Files' capability provides the user the ability to view files previously submitted through the WEBREQ capability to the DAAS for processing.

The 'View Responses' capability provides the user the ability to view any responses to transactions that had been previously submitted. The data can be viewed and downloaded locally for further reference.

Assistance and Contact Information

The DAAS point of contact for this effort is:
DAAS Information Center
DSN:   (312) 850-6672
Commercial:   (614) 692-6672