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Applications | Feb. 16, 2022

MilSpec - Military Specifications for Land and Maritime

MilSpec Information

This web site contains documents and MilSpec drawings for which DLA Land and Maritime is a technical agent or Preparing Activity. Other documents not under DLA Land and Maritime purview can be ordered from DLA Document Services  (Some non-DLA Land and Maritime documents are available in electronic format from other web sites. See our list of other sites .)

To determine whether DLA Land and Maritime is an agent or PA for a document, refer to the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards (DoDISS), also available from the Document Automation and Production Service.

Or if you are looking for an updated version of a document, check the last page of the old copy. If DLA-ES or DLA-CC is listed as an agent or Preparing Activity in the Concluding material section, then the document should be available from this website. (There will be some exceptions, due to reassignment of certain FSCs.)

MilSpec Screenshot
MilSpec Screenshot
MilSpec Screenshot
MilSpec Screenshot
MilSpec Screenshot
Photo By: A3L- Terrance Russell
VIRIN: 220413-D-D0441-8001

Assistance and Contact Information

Charles Saffle
Chief, Document Standardization Division
DLA Land and Maritime - VA
  (614) 692-0540