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Applications | March 3, 2022

Strategic Materials Sales Portal

A Common Access Card is required for access.

Strategic Materials Sales Portal Information

The National Defense Stockpile program was established under the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act of 1939 to maintain and manage strategic and critical materials for use during times of national emergency. Since its inception, stockpiled materials have included ores, base metals, precious metals, minerals and agricultural products. Following the end of the Cold War, the Department of Defense determined that virtually the entire Stockpile inventory was excess to DoD needs. Since 1993 Congress has authorized disposal of over 99 percent of the material, earmarking the revenues for various defense programs, primarily military health and retirement benefits.

You must have an account to access the Strategic Materials Sales Portal. Request access to the Strategic Materials Sales Portal , and select a role:

  • Strategic Materials Sales User: Edit/submit company information; edit/submit quotes/offers for materials offerings; edit/submit pricing declarations and shipping instructions.
  • Strategic Materials Email Notifications: Sign-up to receive email notifications on material offerings, monthly sales and other public announcements.

Getting Started Purchasing Commodities from DLA Strategic Materials

New customers must request an account  and then establish a company profile. Once approved, registering for the desired solicitation type can begin. For more information on registering to quote on material, please view the Customer Action Guide. Negotiated tenders do not require pre-registration. ALL quotes (for BOA or Negotiated tenders) MUST to be submitted via the DLA-Strategic Materials Sales Portal . Quotes WILL NOT be accepted under any other transmissions.

Instructions on requesting an account: Learn how to request an account, as well as other actions within the Strategic Materials Sales Portal.

More about DLA Strategic Materials: Learn more about the materials DLA offers for sale.

Assistance and Contact Information

For help, please contact DLA Strategic Materials at 571-767-5500 or via email at, or contact your material analyst directly.

For system access or technical issues please contact the DISA Global Service Desk:

  • Toll Free: 844-DISA-HLP (844-347-2457)
  • DSN: 850-0032
  • Press 5, then speak or enter D-L-A