Property Turn-In

DLA Disposition Services is responsible for the disposal of excess DOD personal property, foreign excess personal property (FEPP), scrap, hazardous waste, and property requiring demilitarization. DLA Disposition Services personnel are prepared to assist you in completing necessary documents, arranging for disposal contracts, and training your personnel in DLA disposal turn-in procedures. We can dispose of, in-place, large items that are not readily transportable to a DLA storage area, property that is held in remote locations and property that DLA Disposition Services is unable to accept due to lack of facilities, technical expertise, or available resources.

DLA Disposition Services is responsible for disposal of all DOD-generated excess, surplus, foreign excess and other personal property authorized for turn-in except for specific categories described below 

The DLA Disposition Services will accept accountability, but NOT physical custody of the following: (DOD 4160.21-M, Chapter 3 and 4)

  • Live animals
  • Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH (formerly AEDA)) residue (includes incendiary products)
  • Drugs, biological and controlled substances
  • Nitrate base film
  • Used psych diagnostic test sets

Acceptance of physical custody of hazardous property shall be determined based upon the guidelines in DOD 4160.21-M, Chapter 10: Environmentally Regulated and Hazardous Property.

DLA Disposition Services may NOT accept (either physically or on its account) the following categories of property, and no reutilization or sale service shall be given:

   Radioactive material or waste, and unsalable material of a non-hazardous nature. This category includes, but is not limited to DOD inspection stamps, devices, consecrated religious items, and classified cryptographic equipment.

  • Live MPPEH
  • Classified / COMSEC Material / Cryptographic
  • Property containing information covered by the Privacy Act.
  • Refuse and trash
  • Articles from any Foreign Service or non-U.S. government owned property, unless authorized through formal agreement.  

Specific Turn-In Guidance

Electronic Turn-In (ETIDs)

Usable Property Turn-In
   -Including Furniture

Scrap Property Turn-in

Hazardous Waste Turn-In


Property Requiring Special Processing


  • Aircraft
  • Computers (Automatic Data Processing Equipment or Automation Equipment)
  • Barbed / Concertina Wire
  • Decorations (to include badges, medals, ribbons, ranks, insignia, etc.)
  • Property with a Demilitarization code of “F”
  • Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Parts (FSCAP)
  • Food
  • F-14 Parts
  • Helicopter Blades and Tail Rotors
  • Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH)
  • Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment
  • Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Clothing
  • Radiation Emitting Electronic Products
  • Refrigeration Equipment and Appliances
  • Safes and Related Equipment
  • Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
  • Property Requiring Demil