Usable property

Usable property shall be turned in as individual line items with their assigned, valid National Stock Number (NSN). In some cases it is acceptable to group like items on the same DTID (e.g., one DTID for 50 computers with the same NSN and condition code). When in doubt, seek assistance from your local DSR.

At minimum, record positions 8 through 22 of the DTID (DD 1348-1A) should contain a Local Stock Number (LSN) consisting of a Federal Supply Class (FSC), NATO Codification Bureau Code, and noun/nomenclature and/or part number if no valid NSN exist. Generators may use the internal LSN Master List found on the following DLA Disposition Services web page under Documentation Assistance:

Due to national security concerns, some federal stock classes (FSC’s) require a higher degree of documentation when being turned in under a local stock number opposed to a cataloged national stock number. These critical FSCs must be turned in with following information on or attached to the DD 1348-1A

  • Appropriate FSC
  • Manufacturer name and valid part number
  • Nomenclature which accurately describes the item
  • End item application
  • Clear text statement explaining why the NSN is not included

Furniture Information

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