DLA Logistics Operations is responsible for the end-to-end supply chain management of DLA’s nine supply chains, providing logistics and materiel process management policy, guidance, and oversight while conducting continuous assessments of supply chain performance. Logistics Operations integrates strategic, operational and tactical perspectives, as well as command and control functions for contingency operations and adaptive planning to influence the end-to-end logistics supply chain. Logistics Operations is the principal strategic, operational and tactical planner for DLA business operations, championing best business practices, the Enterprise Business System and value-added logistics solutions for warfighters. The directorate oversees operational contract support, the daily operation of DLA’s field activities and engages DLA directorates and field activities to gather and interpret customer requirements for the agency.

In support of customers around the world, DLA Logistics Operations maximizes readiness and logistics combat power by leveraging enterprise solutions. To fulfill this mission, organizational elements aligned under the directorate include the Operations Executive Directorate, the Support Executive Directorate, the Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office, the Business Management Office and the Nuclear Enterprise Support Office.

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