Enhanced Validation

DLA Export Control Data Access

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has a responsibility to protect the export-controlled data entrusted to its care by the Military Services from unauthorized disclosure and IAW Trade Security Control laws.  In an effort to meet this obligation, DLA suppliers requesting access to export-controlled technical data for a DLA solicitation/purchase order/contract must:

  1. Have an approved US/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) certification (DD Form 2345).
  2. Have an approved DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS)  account with an enabled DLA technical data distribution system (cFolders) account.
  3. Have a business need for the export-controlled data (e.g., to quote on a DLA solicitation, fulfill a DLA purchase order/contract, or conduct a DLA approved research and development project). 
  4. Have an approved DLA-specific certification for access to export-controlled data.  To request DLA-specific certification, you must:
    1. ​Complete the DLA Introduction to Proper Handling of DoD Export-Controlled Technical Data Training(PDF) and return the “Certificate Statement of Export Control Compliance” to the JCP Office at  JCP-ADMIN@DLA.MIL.  The person signing the “Certificate Statement of Export Control Compliance” must be the same person that signs the JCP certification (DD 2345).
    2. Complete and return the DLA Export Control Technical Data Management Questionnaire (PDF) to the JCP Office at  JCP-ADMIN@DLA.MIL.  For help in determining your physical and MAC addresses, refer to Finding Your MAC Address Instructions (PDF).

When emailing your “Certificate Statement of Export Control Compliance” and "DLA Export Control Technical Data Management Questionnaire” to the JCP Office please identify your CAGE Code on the email subject line.  After the JCP Office reviews these documents, along with your DD 2345, the DLA controlling authority will then complete a Trade Security Control (TSC) assessment to determine the eligibility of the DLA supplier seeking access to the export-controlled technical data.  Approval for access to DLA export-controlled technical data is rendered by the DLA and not the JCP Office.

E-mail us at for questions or additional interest in DLA Export Control Data Access.