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The Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office provides strategic and operational-level operational contract support program management across the Department of Defense and the whole of government. When requested, JCASO provides DoD combatant commands a deployable OCS capability to effectively and efficiently coordinate OCS program activities. JCASO operations, two mission support teams, policy specialists and planners support COCOM planning, exercises, training and deployments.

JCASO uses the All Partners Access Network to share information and conduct collaborative efforts with OSD, the JCASO planners at each combatant command, component services, contracting activities, other U.S. government agencies and nongovernmental organizations. APAN is a repository of information for the OCS community of interest.

CJCSN 4130.01, Guidance for Combatant Commander Employment of Operational Contract Support Enabler - Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office.
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