DLA Strategic Plans and Policy (J5)

DLA Strategic Plans and Policy (J5) advises and assists the DLA Director to meet and sustain current and future logistics support capabilities for the U.S. Military Services.  Specifically, development of strategy, policies, procedures, programs, and oversight for strategic management and governance; organizational alignment, policy management and forms; enterprise process management, risk assessment and process improvement as well as the Director’s special interest areas.  Promotes active collaboration and integration among DLA organizations to ensure effective engagement on all Agency initiatives that impact mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

There are two divisions in J5:

J51, Strategy Management and Governance - Facilitates strategic-level planning, develops enterprise strategic plans and monitors polices, action plans and initiatives to ensure expected outcomes are achieved. 

  • Develops the Agency's Strategic Plan
  • Integrates efforts to attain DLA’s vision, goals, and objectives
  • Manages DLA Executive Governance forums

J52, Enterprise Process Integration - Manages the Agency's End to End processes interweaving functional processes areas with end-to-end business cycles.

  • Leads the Process Program Office & chairs the Supply Chain Integration Forum
  • Establishes Organizational Alignment and Agency policy
  • Monitors Enterprise Process innovation initiatives
  • Oversees the execution of OMB Circular A-123 "Managements Responsibility for Risk Management and Internal Control"
  • Oversees the Agency’s CPI Program