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Defense Logistics Agency
Attn: DLA Transformation, Suite 2635
8725 John J. Kingman Rd
Fort Belvoir, VA  22060-6221

Phone Number:
 (571) 767-5204

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DLA Transformation


DLA Transformation staff are professional in our interactions and bearing, providing effective strategic communications, and striving to be value-added in everything we do. We actively partner with our stakeholders to encourage and enable success. In addition at DLA Transformation we:

  • Lead agency programs by providing centralized management (guidance, tools, and training) for policy development, performance monitoring, and integration across organizational boundaries.
  • Conduct special projects and studies to enhance or improve both internal and external agency engagements, decision making, policy, and processes.
  • Conscientiously demonstrate our values through supportive interactions with all peers and stakeholders, placing “what is right” before “what is easy”, teaming for the most advantageous outcome, and exercising emotional intelligence to balance our needs.

Transformation Divisions

Strategy Policy and Governance

Transforms DLA’s strategic vision and mission into meaningful initiatives and critical objectives by linking financial, operational, and systemic metrics; developing and managing governance to provide strategic direction; and overseeing the Policy Management Oversight Branch as a core function in strategy implementation.

Major Functions:

Enterprise Process Management Division

Integrates DLA strategic vision and mission in support of process excellence and enterprise process management; manages program and continuous improvement capabilities to deliver effective, efficient, and measurable outcomes; and oversees Continuous Process Improvement Branch as a core function in process management oversight.

Major Functions:

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DLA Transformation (DT) Defense Logistics Agency
Attn: DLA Transformation, Suite 2635
8725 John J. Kingman Rd
Ft. Belvoir, VA  22060-6221
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