Strategy Management and Governance (J51)


DLA J51 provides strategic direction and focus, ensuring DLA takes progressive steps to remain relevant, effective and efficient for the Department of Defense (DoD). We monitor DoD strategy, studies and projects with potential impact on DLA's mission and strategic plan. J51 assists with broad strategic initiatives, develops a comprehensive strategic plan, helps develop the annual DLA Director's Guidance, organizational Annual Operating Plans and monitors the status of initiatives and overall DLA Governance.

Major Functions:

  • Strategic Planning - Facilitate Senior Leader discussion to define the agency’s strategic direction and develops a plan to pursue this strategy.
  • Implementation Guidance - Develops annual guidance defining initiatives to achieve strategic goals and objectives.
  • Annual Operating Plans (AOP) - Provides agency-wide guidance and monitor AOP submission and approval which align organizational goals, metrics, and targets that support the Agency’s strategy.
  • Governance Management - Serves as the secretariat for the Alignment Group and Executive Board which aligns investments with strategic priorities, provides solutions to strategic issues, and monitors the execution of the Strategic Plan.