Qualified Products List (QPL)

A Qualified Products List is a listing of products or family of products that have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification, including appropriate product identification, tests or qualification reference, and the name and plant address of the manufacturer and authorized distributor. A QPL listing is used by government activities to determine approved sources of supply for items they wish to procure.

Why are we doing it?

The need for QPL is determined by qualification requirements in a specification. These requirements can only be justified if:

  • it is determined that time to conduct the tests identified in the applicable specification would exceed 30 days
  • or special equipment not commonly available is required to conduct the tests
  • or the tests are required for emergency life-saving equipment

The Provisions Governing Qualification, SD-6, are issued as guidance for, and conformance by, manufacturers proposing to submit products for qualification. An applicant wishing further information or clarification may address the government activity named in the specification under which it is proposed to qualify a product.

For questions on QPL related issues, you may call 215-737-3776.