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Tanya Hill

DLA Aviation Chief of Staff and Director, Command Support

DLA Aviation is the aviation demand and supply manager for Defense Logistics Agency with more than 4,000 civilian and military personnel in 18 locations across the United States. DLA Aviation supports more than 1,879 weapon systems and is the U.S. military’s integrated material manager for more than 1.7 million national stock number items, industrial retail supply and depot-level reparable acquisitions.

Positioned alongside its military customers, DLA Aviation manages industrial support activities at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia; Tinker AFB, Oklahoma;, Hill AFB, Utah; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, Naval Air Station North Island, California; and NAS Jacksonville, Florida.

DLA Aviation also manages depot-level reparable procurement operations at Robins, Tinker and Hill Air Force Bases; Naval Supply Systems Command, Weapon Systems Support, Philadelphia; and at Redstone Army Arsenal, Alabama. DLA Aviation also operates an industrial plant equipment repair facility at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Hill serves as a primary staff advisor to the DLA Aviation command and the Office of the Commander interfacing with senior Department of Defense officials, other federal agencies, private industry and congressional members.

She manages command programs and actions relating to equal employment opportunity, public affairs, resource management, small business, safety, and workforce planning and career development. 

Her past assignments include: Director, Procurement Process Support; Deputy Director, Strategic Acquisition Programs; Division Chief, Contract Review and Pricing; Branch Chief, Acquisition Workforce Training and Development, Procurement Process Support Directorate; Branch Chief, Contract Clearance and Oversight; and Procurement Analyst, Policy, Planning and Analyst Branch.

Ms. Hill is a graduate of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management 1995 Women’s Executive Leadership Program. She has a Bachelor of Science in liberal studies from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and a Master of Public Administration from Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Ms. Hill is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Level III certified and a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps.