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News | Jan. 12, 2017

Korea’s Lee finds fame through contest

By DLA Distribution Korea DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Jenny Lee (이연주), a six-month local intern, has become a valuable member of the DLA Distribution Korea team.  She is a recent college graduate and was selected from a pool of candidates in the Army supported intern program.  

Lee works in the Safety and Environmental Office, and helps with training, inspections, translations, and administrative work.  At the December 2016 all hands safety meeting, she filled in as the translator during the presentations, giving our normal translator a break for the holidays. She helps with the administrative duties associated with drivers training and licensing.  She also verified all phone numbers for personnel at the center to help with the alert roster, worked closely to develop, and then translate the Job Hazard Analysis training package, and always maintains a positive and friendly attitude.  Her goal upon coming to work for DLA Distribution Korea was to help wherever we thought we could use her talents, and in return, she wanted to be able to enhance her written and oral communications skills in Korean and English.

She has left a lasting impression with all those she has worked with, but will most likely be remembered as the Shin Ramyun girl here at the distribution center.  As part of their 30-year anniversary celebration, Nongshim Shin Ramyun conducted an exhibition promotional event asking individuals to submit their names and a photo to be nominated as the Shin Ramyun 30-year anniversary selectee.  All Korean Nationals were invited to apply through the internet and through Korean news channels.  Lee submitted her name and photo and then quickly forgot about the exhibition.  Later, she was surprised when she received a box in the mail and opened it to find her name and picture on the 30th anniversary packages of Shin Ramyun.

Shin Ramyun is the most popular brand of instant noodles in South Korea, and is exported to over 80 countries around the world.  The brand is so popular that it is produced in the United States, South Korea, and China.  It is one of the top selling brands of instant noodles in the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.  Since it begin in 1986, over 28 billion packages have been sold worldwide.  If we placed those packages end to end, they would stretch more than 100 times the distance from the Earth to the moon.  In 2016, Shin Ramyun was listed on the National Brand Consumption Index as the variety of instant noodle with the most brand awareness and most brand power.  The name Shin is from a Chinese character that means ‘spicy.’  Shin Ramyun is rapidly becoming a staple of every college student’s diet as it fills you up, but at a very affordable cost.

Lee discovering her photo on the box of Shin Ramyun forever changed how the employees of the distribution center see Jenny.  Prior to receiving the box, she was known as Jenny, the safety intern; now she goes by the title, Ms. Jenny Lee, the Shin Ramyun Model.