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News | Feb. 8, 2017

Land and Maritime recognizes successful CFC campaign

By Michael Jones DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

DLA Land and Maritime recently closed out its 2016 Combined Federal Campaign on a positive note with a meeting of the organization’s key workers. Their efforts helped the Central Ohio West Virginia campaign raise more than $958,000 in contributions.

Land and Maritime’s efforts, which raised more than $206,000, were part of that collective drive involving 130 agencies. The campaign’s theme was – “Dollars Make a Donation, Donations Make a Difference” and more than half of Land and Maritime’s directorates reached or exceeded their organizational goals.

“It’s exciting to take a few minutes to recognize the fruits of the labor put forth during this campaign. You made a difference and you’ll never see exactly how much, but when you consider that goodness is often magnified exponentially, your work represents the seeds of goodness,” said Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Admiral Michelle Skubic. She also gave kudos to the campaign captains and recognized associates who’ve worked in previous CFC campaigns.

After offering individual and collective congratulations to the team for their efforts Skubic shared her personal family experience that helps motivate her charitable energies. “Giving is a personal activity and people are more inclined to give from the heart to causes that tend to touch them personally,” she said.

While ranking as the 3rd largest employer of the 130 agencies, Land and Maritime’s campaign efforts positioned them as the largest contributor, accounting for 22 percent of the campaign’s total.

Putting the campaign’s contributions in perspective Skubic gave examples of the purchasing power of their contributions, citing items like meals, blankets and other essentials. She also talked about Land and Maritime’s successful CFC campaign fundraisers and the changes in the works for upcoming campaigns.

Skubic reminded the group of Land and Maritime’s workforce agility, their ability to embrace change and said they’d all adjust and see together what next year brings.
A humorous slideshow of Land and Maritime’s campaign fundraisers ran in the background during the meeting. The Pie in the Face event was the top Land and Maritime CFC campaign fundraiser for the second year in a row; raising more than $2,170.

Skubic thanked the group for their volunteerism and closed the celebration with recognition certificates and team photos.