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News | Feb. 14, 2017

Defense Logistics Agency three star visits MCLB Barstow

By Keith Hayes, Public Affairs Specialist, MCLB Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.

United States Air Force Lt. Gen. Andrew E. Busch, who heads the organization supplying every branch of America’s military, visited Defense Logistics Agency facilities aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif., Jan. 26.

Busch met with DLA personnel on both the Nebo and Yermo sides of the base to get a firsthand look at what MCLB Barstow has to offer and what he can do for the base.

“The reason I’m here is because Marine Corps Logistics Base is a great customer of ours,” Busch said, “and I’m here to see how I can better support them.” He said he last visited MCLB Barstow 20 years ago and wanted to update his knowledge on the base’s activities.

“I talk to (Lt. Gen. Michael G. Dana) quite often, who is your deputy commandant for Installations and Logistics, and he talks about the work you’ve done out here,” Busch said. ”So, when I was on the West Coast I wanted to stop and refresh my sense of what you do out here.”

The website for the Department of Defense’s largest logistics combat support agency ( describes the mission of DLA.

“(Defense Logistics Agency) sources and provides nearly all of the consumable items America’s military forces need to operate – from food, fuel and energy to uniforms, medical supplies and construction material.(DLA also) manages the reutilization of military equipment … and supplies several civilian agencies and foreign governments.”

The Agency has a presence aboard MCLB Barstow including offices, warehouses and storage lots. “We have nine supply chains plus our Distribution and Disposition Services mission and in some form or fashion all of those areas touch on (MCLB Barstow) and the mission you have here,” Busch said.

The director of DLA met with and Brent Cox, Director, DLA Distribution, MCLBB; Christopher Camacho, Area Manager, DLA Disposition Services;and Luis Guzman, the site manager for DLA Disposition Services, MCLBB; before taking a walking tour of several warehouses aboard the Nebo side of the base.

Busch then toured several lots on the Yermo Annex of MCLB Barstow where vehicles being repaired are kept. He also visited Production Plant Barstow, Marine Depot Maintenance Command, and took a windshield tour of their building, which is the largest building on any Marine base, before visiting Fleet Support Division facilities.

DLA employs more than 27,000 people worldwide and is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Va.