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News | March 7, 2017

“Keys to Success” shared at Air Force officer promotion ceremony

By Army Sgt. Saul Rosa, DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Everyone is looking for the keys to success and Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Allison, chief, Air Force Customer Facing Division, Customer Operations Directorate, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, celebrated his success and promotion to colonel as Brig. Gen. John Kubinec, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex Commander, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, shared the secrets to becoming a colonel at the ceremony Feb. 28 held on Defense Supply Center, Richmond, Virginia.

“I wanted to walk you through the path to become a colonel in the Air Force and the path that Allison took,” said Kubinec. “First you need to have a team around you. You can’t and won’t do it alone. It has to be a partnership from your family to your peers, mentors, and those who work for you. Second, you must bloom where you are planted. Third, that is a secret ingredient.”

Kubinec explained that the secret ingredient is the defining characteristic of Allison; you care about others more than you care about yourself.

“[If] you have an attitude of service, you have a heart that wants to help other people,” said Kubinec. “That’s Mike Allison, he is steady, he’s calm … he’s always ready to serve others. That’s the secret, that’s not so secret.”

Allison explained that although he may have blossomed in his previous assignments and always sought to serve others, to him it was the support and mentorship of friends and family that has impacted him the most in his career so far.  

“I’ve been fortunate to have a long career having been stationed in 19 different locations,” said Allison. “I was amazed at the number of folks who played an important role in my career and played a part in getting me here today.”   

The keys to success are three simple actions and the path to becoming a colonel has been laid out by Allison’s footsteps. According to Kubinec, they may be hard footsteps to follow.  

“He’s a good man and a good friend. We will be [well] served to have him as a colonel in the United States Air Force,” said Kubinec. “However, we don’t promote based on what you’ve done in the Air Force. We promote based on what potential you have to serve in the higher grade. Nobody in this room and nobody who knows Mike Allison would think anything else. He has the greatest potential to succeed and to serve as a senior officer.”