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News | June 20, 2017

DSCC celebrates the 242nd Army Birthday

By Dana Thornbury DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

Defense Supply Center Columbus celebrated the 242nd U.S. Army’s birthday with an obstacle course and cake cutting ceremony June 14.

“The Army is the oldest, it’s the largest and it’s the best service of all of the services,” said Army Col. Yee Hang as he kicked off this year’s birthday celebration and thanked everyone that attended the event.

Two hundred and forty two years ago, the United States Army was established to defend the Nation.

This year’s theme is “Over There! A Celebration of the WW1 Soldier” commemorating the World War I centennial and the Army’s role in that conflict.

“It is very important to remember our past. About 100 years ago, many of the Army traditions we know today were started. This was around the time we entered WWI. It’s an old service, but one we’re proud of,” said Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Joseph Scarpill as he thanked the audience and participants for celebrating with the Army.

From its humble beginnings in 1775, to its first foray into a major world war in 1917, to the global force it is today, the U.S. Army is ready to fight tonight wherever and whenever it’s needed.

“We wanted to do something new this year that we enjoyed as young Soldiers. At basic training, the obstacle course was a rite of passage. It’s how we proved ourselves. It’s a team building event and something we [all service members] remember from our first days. We wanted to bring that here and celebrate a service that has provided a lot to so many,” said Army Capt. Stanley Burdine.

“Less than one percent choose to serve in our military. Doing these events where we bring groups together and getting our message out about the importance of service and what we do to defend our nation is important,” said Scarpill.

There were nine teams of four. All team members had to complete each obstacle and move together as a group from each station.

The obstacles included a 400 meter water jug relay, balance beam, low crawl and an inflatable agility course.

Many of the attendees commented that it was a great idea, mentioning it was nice to see the Army doing a fun event to celebrate their history.

The event had family participation with Army Reservists and DLA Land and Maritime associates Kurtis and Laura Starin. Kurtis mentioned the event was a good mix of athletic events and his wife added it was a great way to have fun and interact with our civilian counterparts.

“The obstacle course and everything else involved gives you a very small sample of the training our Armed Forces go through. It was an eye opener,” said Shaun Bunnell, a Land and Maritime contracting officer and event participant.


Team Results

  • Team 1 – SAPD - 7th place - 3:47 - Bradhurst, Warden, Mielke, Bunnell
  • Team 2 - SAPD - 9th place - 4:40 - Stringer, Lyons, Goodson, Fedeit
  • Team 3 - SAPD - 8th place - 4:18 - Myers, Litman, Bisel, Ewing
  • Team 4 - 643 RSG - 2nd place - 3:07 - Guisao, Marzan, O'Neil, Preston
  • Team 5 - BA - 1st place - 2:56 - Hall, Kempton, Seymor, Wright
  • Team 6 - Post Award - 4th place* - 3:11 - Brumfield*, Danneberger, Danneberger, Busby
  • Team 7 - 200 MP Company - 3rd place* - 3:11 - V*, Mercer, Fugate, Ransom
  • Team 8 - 200 MP Company - 6th place - 3:36 Received a 1 minute penalty for not having a female on the team, actual time 2:36 - T, Phillips, Huch, Lebron
  • Team 9 - 200 MP Company - 5th place - 3:18 - Howard, Paul, Thomas, Higgins

*There was a tie for third place. One player from each team indicated by bold text and an asterisk competed in an obstacle course tie breaker challenge.

View the 242nd Army Birthday celebration photos on eWorkplace. (site is DLA CAC enabled)