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News | June 22, 2017

Jacksonville distribution center receives award for Contract Quality Assurance program

By Brianne M. Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Jacksonville, Florida, Continuing Government Activity team has received the 2016 Global Distribution Excellence: Andrew L. Leitzel Annual Contract Quality Assurance Program Commendable Service Award for outstanding contract oversight.

With audit readiness at the forefront of all DLA employees minds, the Jacksonville CGA team together with Accent Controls Inc. joined together to create a synergistic team with great performance.

The team specifically targeted the “one NSN per location” goal by putting together a special projects team to evaluate and implement the transfer of over 11,000 multi-NSN locations to newly created locations within the warehouses.

Through good planning and steady progress, the Jacksonville team was prepared to implement the Location Identification Program adopted by DLA, and was able to set the stage for a timeline of completion.

Due to previous consolidation efforts and footprint reductions, empty warehouse locations were few and far between. Under the direction and recommendations from the DLA Distribution Headquarter Storage Optimization Team, Jacksonville was able to create approximately 10,000 new bin locations by reconfiguring existing storage aids. With the guidance of the CGA and supervision of the warehouse manager and business manager, a team of eight was assembled to accomplish the task.

Over the next 12 months, the team successfully moved all of Jacksonville’s wholesale mixed rack locations to properly sized bin locations, while maintaining inventory accuracy, proper labeling and good overall storage practices.

With the task of wholesale complete, they were able to focus on the retail portion of the business. When timelines were published for LIP implementation, Jacksonville was ahead of schedule. At the start of fiscal year 2017, the special projects team was able to cut the site’s multiple NSN’s per location in more than half with under 4,300 locations left to go.

“This re-warehousing effort demonstrates that with the right hard working, diverse team, tasks that may seem impossible are truly attainable,” DLA Distribution Jacksonville director Brian Burkholder said. “Credit for this project’s success lies with the people who do the work. Our team of workers have proven to be especially invaluable to the support of the warfighter.”