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News | July 12, 2017

New DLA Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Hurry holds first town hall

By Army Sgt. Saul Rosa DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry began her first town hall recognizing members of the DLA workforce at the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center June 29 on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. She took command of the organization June 28.

Hurry recognized employees from the DLA Aviation, Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, Air Force Industrial Product-Support Vender Generation III Contract Team for their outstanding work in strategic engagement in support of the nation's warfighters with the DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award. Their efforts exemplified the DLA vision to "deliver the right solution on time, every time."

During the assembly, Hurry provided more background about herself and her priorities.  "I think it's important for folks in any organization to get to know one another," said Hurry. "I firmly believe that you can't lead your troops as effectively if you don't know their story. Likewise, I believe it is equally as important for folks to get to know their leader's story.  I don't want you to have to guess what makes me tick, what my priorities are, or where I want to take this organization."

Hurry explained her priorities are people, mission and safety with a focus on using teamwork and common sense to do what is right to best support the warfighter. 

She added that her first priority is to her children and their continued support is what has allowed her to be the leader that she strives to be. "My children mean the world to me and I will always put them first," Hurry explained that this vow has impacted her previous commands in positive ways as other members of her teams began to uphold that value in their personal lives as well. "I think everyone benefits when they find the right work-life balance." 

Following this philosophy, Hurry explained that logistics is a team sport and her role is to develop and lead this highly functioning team. She outlined three components to this idea: listen first and communicate well (with complete transparency), use our joint logistics network to secure the intelligence and resources needed to do our jobs, and set a clear strategic vision and direction that supports the Department of Defense and warfighters.

"We cannot forget about our soldiers, sailors, airman, Marines and civilian teammates who are down range," said Hurry. "When they reach their hand out for something, we need to be there to give them whatever they need.  After all, our primary job is to support the warfighter and make sure there are no line stops!"

"I have a simple philosophy," said Hurry. "We should always strive to leave something better than we found it, and that is exactly what we are going to do.  We are going to capture the ingenuity of this incredible workforce, empower the team and TOGETHER, we are going to make DLA Aviation better than we found it."

Hurry ended the town hall with a recap of her leadership philosophy that stressed genuineness, positivity, resiliency, teamwork, accessibility and approachability.  She encouraged everyone to build strong relationships and networks because "Two heads are always better than one!"  Hurry reiterated, "Logistics is a team sport, so is life. Don't be afraid to phone a friend."