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News | Oct. 26, 2017

Pearl Harbor boots resiliency with Lunch-n-Learn program

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

In an effort to promote and boost resiliency, DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, hosts Lunch-n-Learn programs bi-monthly. These hour-long sessions typically include a guest speaker on topics of education, information and inspiration that will gain the most participation from the Distribution workforce.

The “L-n-L” program, as it has been referred to, began as a part of Pearl Harbor’s Culture Action Team’s assessment of the Distribution team, and their interests.

“We hold the Lunch-n-Learn sessions in order to enhance the knowledge of our workforce thereby bettering the whole of DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor,” said Lisa McClellan, quality assurance evaluator at DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor.

Some of the topics that have been scheduled for these events are: TSP: Know how to Invest; Communication Break Down: When you speak, are you being heard?; History of DLA at Pearl Harbor; Managing Change at Work; How to Reduce Stress and Meet Your deadline; Managing Time: Get what you want more of out of Life!; Public Speaking: Avoid the hem and haw and get your point across; and Cross Cultural Communication: I speak; You speak...but do we understand each other.

“The classes are very well informed, with all my questions answered. Lengthwise it was perfect and not drawn out,” said Christopher Brazil, supply technician at DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor.

For further information on locations, dates or upcoming topics on the DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor Lunch-n-Learn program, please contact Lisa McClellan or James Weber.