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News | Oct. 31, 2017

Old vehicles get last chance to serve training firefighters

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

When firefighters have to rescue someone trapped in a vehicle there is no time to lose, so training becomes very important to ensure the job can be done quickly and properly.

Air Force firefighters serving in Qatar had help with their vehicle extrication training when they received excess vehicles from the DLA Disposition Services site there. Air Force Master Sgt. Stephen C. Ingrando, assistant chief of training for Fire Emergency Services at the air base, described the training as necessary for firefighters to stay proficient in their training and to keep them up with their skills. 

“Without … everyone's help, this training would have had to wait until everyone got back home stateside,” Ingrando said.

Ingrando also said the training allowed his personnel to work as a team and grow as a fire department. He said his chain of command and the firefighters really appreciated everything that went into this training and would like to do it again. 

Firefighters at forward bases in Afghanistan are also receiving vehicles for their training needs from DLA Disposition Services sites there.