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News | Jan. 18, 2018

The Merits of Mentoring

By Alison Sfreddo

January is National Mentoring Month. And as anyone who has participated in a Mentoring Program can tell you, the productive and positive outcomes from a strong partnership can be extraordinary for the mentoree and equally as beneficial to the organization. The gains and successes that mentorees enjoy when they make the commitment to mentoring are immeasurable. The following are just a few of the many benefits of mentoring:

Career Rejuvenator. What better way to revitalize a career and talents than to be guided by an experienced and respected professional. By establishing a solid mentoring relationship, mentorees not only expand their networks but they also increase their visibility throughout the organization and are better able to showcase their talents and achievements.

Climate Gage. One of the least anticipated benefits to mentoring are the new perspectives gained from the mentoring relationship. When mentorees are mentored by a sage professional, they can begin to see the issues and concerns that are experienced at a higher level as well as how their own work fits into the entire mission of the organization.

Stress Reducer. Believe it or not, having a mentor can be a great stress reducer for a mentoree. By having a confidant, mentorees have a safe environment and sounding board for their questions, concerns and ideas. They also can become privy to some of the issues and influences that may be impacting the organization. This sharing can allow the mentoree to see what they have the power to change or improve, thereby giving them an avenue to brainstorm about how they can increase their own efficiency and morale.

Loyalty Builder. By engaging in a productive and guiding professional relationship with a mentor, junior employees can build a loyal support base. This also enhances their professional image as it signals to management that the mentoree is committed to their own career progression within the organization.

Confidence Booster. Investing in one’s personal and professional growth is the best way to increase self-confidence. Learning a new skill and knowing why their work matters allows mentorees to gain their own sense of internal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Legacy Creator. Mentorees who pay it forward as a mentor later on can effectively establish a legacy within the organization. Just by connecting, engaging and assisting another through their personal and professional growth can yield riches beyond a paycheck or a promotion. Mentors are often credited for another’s success! In addition, there is no better feeling than the rush of knowing you made a difference in another person’s life!



If you are considering taking on the rewarding role as a mentor, there is great benefit to talking with your own mentor about what to expect as well as some best practices as to how best sustain the mentoring relationship. The next time you meet with your mentoring partner, plan to discuss how you can pay it forward. The following are a few areas to cover:

  • When did you know you were ready to mentor?
    • Did you decide for yourself or were you recommended for the role?
  •  What are some areas of expertise that you felt confident that you were able to share?
    • Were there any areas that you were unsure about?
    • What did you do to compensate?
  • What was your most memorable mentoring story?
  • What are some of the most productive activities that you recommended to your mentoring partner?
    • Why were they productive? What did they learn from the experience?
  • How did you break the ice with your mentoring partner?
    • How did you maintain the relationship?
    • Are you still in-touch to this day?
  • What was your most rewarding experience as a mentor?