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News | April 26, 2018

Barstow’s Lundin reaches major career milestone: 45 years of federal service

By DLA Distribution Barstow, California

Carolyn “Kay” Lundin has reached a major career milestone: 45 years of federal service at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Barstow, California. Lundin serves as the surveillance lead/supply systems analyst, in support of the Contract Quality Assurance Program.. She began her career as a GS-02, card punch operator on June 27, 1967, in Bainbridge, Maryland. Along the way she had a five-year break in service from 1979 to 1984...

In her current role, Lundin is responsible for both managing the day-to-day workload of the assigned quality assurance evaluators as well as providing thorough reviews, oversight and acceptance of the contract surveillances submitted by her team.  The contract surveillances and the processes for ensuring thorough documentation for all oversight activities make up a significant portion of the quality assurance requirements set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the DLA Distribution Contract Quality Assurance Program.

“Kay’s outstanding performance and total devotion to her assigned duty responsibilities and laser like focus on the policies and principles of the CQAP were instrumental in her team’s ability to complete 100 percent of the scheduled surveillances while maintaining a nearly flawless 99.5 percent quality rating metric on all surveillances submitted and accepted into the contract history file,” said DLA Distribution Barstow deputy director, Matthew Balogh.

In 2014, Lundin’s actions directly led to her being selected as the DLA Distribution Annual Contract Quality Assurance Program Commendable Service Award winner and in 2017, team Barstow was selected as the Andrew L. Leitzel DLA Distribution Annual Contract Quality Assurance Program Commendable Service Award winner.

Lundin works with both her team and her DLA Distribution Headquarters staff counterparts to ensure smooth transitions and to ensure local mission unique contract requirements were included. 

“Her keen attention to detail during the surveillance review and acceptance process had a tremendous impact in noting areas where the contractor has been performing well in addition to areas where the contractor may have fallen short in meeting all contract requirements,” said Balogh. “As one of our surveillance stars, Kay has voluntarily made herself available to mentor and coach new surveillance leads at other Distribution Centers.”  

Additionally, Lundin has volunteered to participate on the team that was established to develop requirements for, test, and eventually field a new Quality Management Tool to replace the limiting scheduling, documenting and reporting application that has been used for the past eight years.  

In addition to her primary duties as the surveillance lead, Lundin also serves as the supply systems analyst for DLA Distribution Barstow. As the SSA, she directly supports her director and is responsible for running an average of 640 quality management tools per month that support all aspects of the operation.  She is responsible for generating a daily metric review for the retail side of the business and acts as the point of contact for DSS Cadre Training for both government employees and 120 contractors.  She also updates the information for the Directors weekly SITREP prior to his review and submittal.

“Kay is a tireless champion of the CQAP and has been a key field-level proponent of the contract quality assurance program.   Her insight and understanding of both the distribution processes and the quality assurance oversight program have greatly aided both Operational and Acquisition DLA Distribution Headquarters staff personnel in continually improving all aspects of the oversight program and processes,” said Balogh.  

Lundin is one of the first people the Contract Quality Assurance Program Office staff interface with when considering revising program policy or procedures.  

“Her always tactful, helpful demeanor and selfless attitude make her a pleasure to work with and a great asset to not only her quality assurance team, DLA Distribution Barstow, Defense Logistics Agency, but the Department of Defense as a whole and I don’t see her wavering from those duties anytime soon.  Kay’s efforts directly impact those with whom we all proudly support and serve – the American Warfighter,” said Balogh.