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News | Aug. 20, 2018

San Joaquin’s Hackney awarded Director’s Strategic Goals Award in Whole of Government Category

DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Theodore “Ted” Hackney, a distribution process manager with DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California has been named winner of the Director’s Strategic Goals Award in the Whole of Government Category. 

Hackney is recognized for precisely managing the Transportation Division at San Joaquin; a diversely-skilled workforce responsible for all transportation-related functions in support of the distribution center’s demanding mission.  His team played a critical role in supporting the Department of Defense’s Western Strategic Distribution Platform and DLA’s primary distribution point to the western United States, Pacific, and Indian Ocean.

Hackney expertly managed the nucleus of the demanding distribution operation and no shipment moved on or off the installation without his oversight. 

“This quarter alone, Mr. Hackney’s team was instrumental in receiving approximately 300 mission deliveries and processing over 900 surface containers, supporting warfighters throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations and our first responders throughout the western U.S.,” said Jodie Johnson-Micks, DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s Distribution and Specialized Missions Group chief. “His exemplary management helped the Consolidation and Containerization Point achieve an average three day air and six and a half day surface metric against a respective five day and ten day requirement.” 

San Joaquin’s scheduled truck program excelled under Hackney’s oversight, processing approximately 80,000 orders.  His efforts contributed to an average 90 percent on-time departure rate for high-priority orders and an average 92 percent on-time departure rate for routine orders, which helped the center maintain “green” across all mission metrics.

As a noteworthy financial steward, Hackney ensured San Joaquin was consistently the top on-time performer for almost $4 million in transportation carrier payments per month through the Syncada payment system.  His management ensured the center’s on-time record for Syncada payments for an impressive 37 months straight.

When San Joaquin transitioned to the Defense Freight Transportation Services to service our freight shipments for CONUS locations and Canada, Hackney set up the training needed to ensure a smooth transition. 

“Mr. Hackney is always one to embody a best-value mindset and to focus his efforts on improving processes and benchmarking his efforts from other military and commercial distribution operations,” said Johnson-Micks. “Mr. Hackney personally orchestrated a trip to FedEx for 11 managers.  His efforts allowed the managers to experience a commercial distribution operation first-hand and bring fresh ideas back to DLA Distribution San Joaquin for possible implementation.”

When DLA Distribution San Joaquin was tasked to support a surge of Class IV materiel to Korea, Hackney’s Shipment Planning Team stepped up and helped process the shipping documentation for more than 2,000 pieces and nearly 16,000 pounds of materiel on 433 seavans without missing a beat.

“Mr. Ted Hackney is an outstanding example of servant leadership and a true champion for Global Distribution Excellence.  Every area he managed provided first-rate support to warfighters and fire-fighting first-responders across the globe, and are a direct reflection of his stellar leadership.  He truly deserves the distinction of receiving this prestigious award,” said Johnson-Micks.