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News | Nov. 20, 2018

GMI chairman meets with Distribution leadership

DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Dale R. Geiger, Ph.D, CMA, CGFM, chairman of the Government Management Institute visited the DLA Distribution headquarters in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania on Nov. 14, for an overview of DLA Distribution, a roundtable discussion with DLA Financial Operations staff and a tour of DLA Distribution Susquehanna’s Eastern Distribution Center, the largest storage facility in the Department of Defense.

After an office call with Distribution commanding officer Navy Rear Adm. Kevin M. Jones, Geiger met with key Distribution staff to receive an organizational overview highlighting DLA Distribution’s global footprint, with particular focus on audit readiness and how Distribution saves time and money by forward positioning stock and saving the services shipping costs.

During the command overview, Scott Rosbaugh, director of DLA Distribution’s Future Plans directorate stressed the importance of audit readiness. “We need to maintain audit readiness because we are accountable to the American taxpayers.”

As the group discussed the working capital fund that DLA operates under, Geiger pointed out that the Food and Drug Administration is an example of an agency that operates under both an appropriated and working capital fund. Geiger indicated that, “Allocation is a mechanical process.”

Additionally, Joe Faris, director of DLA Distribution’s Business Development office explained to Geiger why the DLA Distribution network consists of 24 strategically placed distribution centers as well as the detachments sites that fall under them. “They are connected to the 14 industrial maintenance activities for those sites. As long as the military is there, we will be there to support them.”

Geiger’s Government Management Institute has been hired by DLA to teach cost management courses across the enterprise. In addition to his stop at the Distribution Headquarters, he made stops at DLA Aviation in Richmond, Virginia, as well as DLA Energy and DLA Headquarters located in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

The Government Management Institutes’ mission, as stated on their website is “to help government organizations achieve their missions by improving their cost effectiveness through research, training, and advice that drive application of practical management concepts.”

Geiger holds three degrees from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his doctorate from the Harvard Business School after a seventeen-year corporate career that included several significant controllership positions.

Geiger was a tenured professor at California State University and has also taught at the University of Southern California, George Washington University, Georgetown University’s Center for Professional Development, and the Naval Postgraduate School.  He founded the Government Management Corporation.

Geiger has spent the last twenty eight years studying the motivation, role, and development of management control processes and managerial cost accounting systems in government.  He has held a Department of Defense security clearance and has researched, trained, and consulted at numerous organizations including, U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy, Food and Drug Administration, General Accounting Office, National Academy of Public Administration, Customs Department, Treasury Department, Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service, Internal Revenue Service, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Institutes of Health, Public Building Service, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and California’s Department of Justice and State Comptroller’s Office. 

Additionally, Geiger served on the task force that wrote the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board managerial costing standard.  He has published a five-part series on managerial cost accounting at the request of the Government Accountants Journal and a book entitled ‘Winning the Cost War’.  His team built the Army’s Principles and Intermediate Cost Management and Analysis courses. 

The Association of Government Accountants recognized Geiger's contributions with two National Author's Awards, the Education and Training Award, and its Career Contributions to Research Award.