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News | Feb. 5, 2019

Jacksonville’s Gist recognized at annual DLA award ceremony

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Kevin Gist, a motor vehicle operator at DLA Distribution Jacksonville at Gulfport, Mississippi, was recognized as one of DLA’s 10 Outstanding Personnel of the Year award at the 51st annual employee recognition ceremony Dec. 13 for his innovative load planning.


Gist serves in transportation load planning, physical loading using Material Handling Equipment (MHE), and local deliveries.  He also routinely assists with re-warehousing, packing operations, Preservation, Packaging, Packing, and Marking, and receiving. 


According to DLA Distribution Jacksonville, Florida, director Charles Crumb, Gist’s top priority is always customer service.  “It could be a local customer, or a unit deployed overseas--Mr. Gist always prioritizes getting the shipment moving.  He has pride in his work and does whatever it takes to get the material in the hands of the customer.  His dedication and diligence enabled the enterprise to provide unparalleled support to the Warfighter not only in the Southeast region, but all over the globe.”


One of Gist’s most significant achievements is innovative load planning.  At Naval Construction Battalion Gulfport, Mississippi, a number of various sizes and unconventionally shaped construction materials are moved together. 


For example, electrical concrete pull boxes weighing over 2,000 pounds each, several bundles of tapered 26 foot light poles, tri-walls with electrical equipment, and bundles of PVC pipe were all load planned perfectly for shipment overseas. All of these items would be considered very difficult to move together because of the odd shapes and weights of the individual items. 


Gist expertly planned the shipments for the least amount of vehicles and safe loading, and then proceeded to operate the MHE as planned for a successful outcome, resulting in the construction materials arriving on time in Rota, Spain.


Gist also provided valuable input into workflow processes and warehouse layout resulting in a 10 percent reduction in shipment processing time. He identified the MHE flow from the staging area for local delivery to the loading dock. This resulted in a change of the staging area to make a shorter and safer distance for the MHE to travel. 


“Mr. Gist has always dedicated himself to the mission and the Warfighters and is regularly commended by the customers, reflecting tremendous credit upon the whole organization.  He consistently performs in an exemplary manner and focuses on superior customer service and selflessly contributes to the team.  His creative thinking and consideration of factors from beginning to end, and excellent MHE skills with no safety mishaps, makes him an outstanding employee and a great asset for DLA Distribution,” said Crumb.