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News | March 8, 2019

Modernization at DLA Distribution Korea takes 1960 facilities into the future

By Cory Angell, DLA Distribution

Modernization has reached Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Korea with a $75 million Republic of Korea funded construction project for a warehouse and a $5.8 million modernization project inside the new facility.

The new facility and new equipment were combined with new ideas and efficiencies in how to do business; going from a 1960 era warehouse into the future.

“Not only was a new warehouse needed, we needed to upgrade the equipment and processes,” said Glen Harry, the industrial engineer who helped design the new facility and its modernization.  “This will be a state-of-the-art facility with automated material handling systems.”

Harry said that when the construction is complete sometime in 2020 and the automated systems are in place; the facility will be one of the most up-to-date in DLA Distribution.

According to the project description and justification written for the project; the Camp Carroll facility was originally constructed in the 1960’s and has numerous deficiencies that needed repaired. The new two-story warehouse will provide 250,000 square feet of storage and 25,000 square feet of administrative space, along with 20,000 square feet of hazardous material storage. 

The modernization includes the installation of an automated/mechanized material handling system and racks used for transferring materials in the new facility.

“Think of it like this; instead of bringing man to materiel, we will bring materiel to man,” said Harry.  “This will reduce costs, reduce facility space requirements and decrease warehouse receiving, storage and shipment times.”

Harry said that the cost benefit analysis completed on the facility showed that the $5.8 million in modernization would be recouped in savings in just over two years.

“The automated system has a 360 degree scanner that will read packages, orient them on the conveyor and deliver them to work stations for placement.  From there they will be ready for pallet storage, package storage, bin storage or transshipment.”

Harry said that modernization includes new styles of forklifts and very narrow aisle pallet rack storage 25 feet high that will maximize the cubicization of the facility and enable workers to increase productivity.

“Different styles of conveyer belts will help workers move materiel to include a vertical system to move materiel between the floors and a palletized conveyor system,” said Harry.  “There is also a greatly increased capacity for storage in the event there was a need for surge capacity.”

Harry said that they had two loading dock doors and the new warehouse will have 10; greatly increasing the ability for trucks to load and unload at the new facility.

“The requirements for these new facilities are critical to supplying all Korean peninsula operations with daily logistical support in peacetime, contingency, and wartime operations,” said Army Lt. Col. James McGee, commander, DLA Distribution Korea. “These new facilities will meet the Army Standards and are critical for DLA to continue to fulfill their mission requirements.”

DLA’s new warehouse is considered Phase I of a multi-phased ROKFC series of projects to modernize the Army’s logistics hub for the installation.