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News | April 29, 2019

DLA Aviation event readies the next generation of change makers

By Natalie Skelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs

The Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, was the site of the future in progress on April 25, when over 180 students engaged in activities and demonstrations as part of “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” Hosted by the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Customer Operations Directorate and Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity, the event’s theme this year was “Workforce Development for All.”


Tanya Hill, chief of staff, DLA Aviation, opened the day with a welcome to attendees and explained the heart of the event’s theme. “ … In today’s workforce, it means developing opportunities for career advancement and success for individuals of all skills, talents, backgrounds and experiences,” said Hill. “I believe here at DLA Aviation we embody the vision of workforce development for all by offering diverse opportunities under the umbrella of DLA and Defense Supply Center Richmond.”


Hill also took time to recognize the individuals who brought their guests to the event.

“I want to acknowledge the men and women of DLA Aviation and other DLA activities who are here today with their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters, and other important youth in their lives,” she said. “I believe wherever you can be a positive influence in the life of a young person, you should be! Inviting a young person in your life who is important to you to the event we have planned today is a great way to encourage and support them in their aspirations. Thank you.”


The event offered activities for students ages seven to 18, to show them the variety of opportunities within and beyond DLA. Participants were treated to DSCR Police/Emergency Services display; took a nature walk and viewed the post’s elk herd; learned how to make ice cream with Aviation Engineering Directorate representatives; and more.


Denny King, product specialist, Fixed Wing and Components Division, Supplier Operations Original Equipment Manufacturer Directorate, DLA Aviation, volunteered to help with the event. He said he feels it is important to volunteer because he thinks of DLA as a family. “Anytime we can get together as family and friends, it’s a force multiplier in what we do,” said King.


The event provided focused activities for teen guests who are in the career exploration phase. Activities for this group included a “Dress for Success” session, as well as time dedicated to learning interviewing and resume-building skills.


In conjunction with the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” program, DLA Installation Management Richmond’s Installation Operations Division also hosted its annual Environmental and Safety Fair.


As a volunteer for the third year, Dan Pruett, team lead, Fixed Wing and Components Division, Supplier Operations Original Equipment Manufacturer Directorate, DLA Aviation, recalled how his kids would interact when he used to bring them. “Their faces would light up as they watched and learned new things,” said Pruett. “They [children who participate] are learning self-discipline while interacting with other people as well as following rules to a [event] game,” he said. “They have to pay attention and plan in advance as opposed to sitting in a lecture that could lose their interest. Activities like this hold their interest.”