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News | May 13, 2019

DDSP team selected as a Distinguished Unit of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Every year the U. S. Army Quartermaster Corps recognizes brigade-sized units for outstanding quartermaster services provided. The Distinguished Unit of the Corps award was introduced in 1993 to recognize outstanding units, past and present, who have made significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps. This year they bestowed the honor to DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania — a first for any unit in the Defense Logistics Agency.
The Quartermaster Corps, a sustainment branch of the Army, is one of three Army logistics branches, the others being the Transportation Corps and the Ordnance Corps.
DDSP Commander, Army Col. James M. Callis, II, remarked it was the team’s global support effort and impact that set DLA Distribution apart from everyone else.
“The impressive, global and far-reaching impact we have in supporting the entire Department of Defense and partner nations – an impact that is achieved by competently performing our Quartermaster tasks with speed and quality – led to the award recognition,” said Callis.
Callis was excited for the organization and very pleased that the official panel recognized the DDSP team’s performance and strategic-level impacts. 
“Understandably so, U.S. Army brigades typically win this award, so it is great to see that this time around a DLA brigade comprised of joint military officers, noncommissioned officers and civilians alike was recognized for significant contributions made to the U.S. Army and the entire Joint Force,” said Callis.
According to 1st Sgt. Maximo Nunez, senior enlisted advisor to DDSP’s commander, it is obvious that the work performed at DDSP, such as receiving, processing, storing and shipping of materials, is fundamentally quartermaster in nature. Nunez also stated the most important thing to remember is that a nominated unit must reflect in their packets the process of performing myriad quartermaster functions.
“Many of our warehouse and parachute rigging operations reflect a number of those quartermaster core functions,” said Nunez.
Navy Rear Adml. Kevin M. Jones, commanding officer, DLA Distribution, praised the actions of the DDSP team in his nomination letter.

“As the commanding officer of DLA Distribution, I am privileged to witness the professionalism, dedication and "warfighter first" mentality the DDSP team exhibits each and every day. Successfully processing nearly 7 million material release orders annually, storing over 750,000 national stock numbers valued in excess of $13 billion and managing over two dozen dedicated truck routes spanning the entire country does not come easy. Managing this level of complexity requires a skilled and committed workforce armed with a sound understanding and adherence to proper receipt, storage and issue procedures in addition to a level of organizational agility second to none,” wrote Jones.
In addition to the DDSP Army unit award, Nunez received recognition as a Distinguished Member of the Quartermaster Corps—only one of two first sergeants selected, and the first ever from DLA. It is awarded when an individual performs an outstanding job and has made distinguished contributions to the Quartermaster Corps, and who, by virtue of prestige, status and experience, will assist in fostering pride and esprit, heritage and tradition.
Nunez attributes his success to his mentor, Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy Sellers, commandant, U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, and the leadership at DDSP, especially Col. Callis.
“We have over 150 first sergeants in the Quartermaster Corps so I’m very honored to receive this recognition. It’s great. It’s always a great feeling when you do something for the first time and succeed,” Nunez remarked.