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News | June 28, 2019

San Joaquin named a RAPIDS Site of the Year

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, located in Tracy, California, received the 2018 Site Excellence Award for Defense Enrollment Eligibility System and Real-time Automated Identification System in an award ceremony held at the distribution center May 29.

The Pass and Identification Office was selected for this prestigious Department of Defense level award for their outstanding performance from the period of Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018. The staff is responsible for providing full-time customer service to the entire San Joaquin Valley, a geographical area covering six counties and thousands of square miles.

The deputy director of the Defense Manpower Data Center Mark S. Breckenridge, senior executive service, traveled to the installation to personally award the team in their achievement.

“Yes it’s third place this year, but I do not doubt with the continued emphasis you all have, you will continue to do an excellent job and I would not be surprised if next year I would be back doing a first place presentation for you,” commented Breckenridge.

The award recognizes exceptional service by members of the personnel communities and identification card facilities for their support of DEERS and RAPIDS.  Selection criteria was established based on customer service, training, efficiencies, innovation and fraud reduction in the production of Uniformed Services identification and privilege cards.

With a success rate of more than 95.7 percent, they completed 3,066 DEERS/RAPIDS transactions.  This was a 0.5 percent annual increase in the number of successful transactions despite a 43 percent increase in workload from the previous year. Despite this dramatic increase, our personnel improved their performance while increasing customer service and satisfaction.

Despite the pressures of increasing tasks, customer service came first in their work ethic.  The staff continued to meet all the needs of their customers through technology and personal interaction. Further, they sought methods to improve customer service and reduce delays and errors in their processes.

An example of an improved process was when the team recognized a bump in customer numbers on alternating Tuesdays due to a new hiring schedule of Distribution personnel. The staff began blocking appointments for Tuesdays strictly for those new hires to ensure their access to the installation.  The staff identified the nuanced needs of the customers based on their various demographic backgrounds. For instance, when scheduling appointments, they made it a point to get military members and DOD employees appointments first thing in the mornings so they could get right to work. Student appointments were moved to later in the morning to fit to their class schedules. Retired DOD ID card holders would receive afternoon appointments to fit them in a time more conducive to safer driving based on anticipated weather and darkness.

Breckenridge concluded his comments by thanking the team and his appreciation for the work that is done in support of the DOD.

“Thank you for all the work you do not just in support of the Defense Manpower Center, but for the critical work you do to support the DOD, I have a new appreciation for team San Joaquin,” said Breckenridge.