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News | Jan. 1, 2020

New equipment can help fitness center users meet the new year

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Some new arrivals at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center may make it easier for employees that are considering fitness goals for their 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

The MWR Battle Creek Fitness Center received 26 pieces of new equipment Dec. 19 to replace outdated items that had reached the end of their life cycles.  

Fitness Center Manager Martha Kerns said the new equipment includes treadmills, recumbent bikes, spin bikes and strength training equipment.  

“This is a continuing commitment to our patrons for state-of-the-art fitness equipment and assisting them in meeting their fitness goals,” Kerns said. 

Active duty military personnel and reservists working in the Federal Center will especially benefit from the new workout options on the treadmill that include the physical fitness tests for each of the services. The newer equipment is also more compatible with smart phones and watches to help people track workouts and their progress.  

The new equipment should also help during MWR’s upcoming “6 Week Body Transformation Challenge” as participants seek to jump start their metabolisms. Players in the new flag football and the upcoming basketball program will also benefit from the improved training equipment. Kerns said she is always looking for new sports opportunities.

“We’re just trying to offer the best services possible to our patrons,” Kerns said. “That’s our goal.”

Improving training assets should also contribute to the physical pillar of the Defense Logistics Agency’s resiliency program, which strives to help employees deal with stress and handle adversity well. Endurance, strength and recovery are considered key components to help employees strengthen their lives.