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News | June 2, 2020

San Joaquin’s Ballesteros recognized as the DLA Employee of the Quarter

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Jed E. Ballesteros, distribution process worker of the Bulk Division at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was selected as the Employee of the Quarter, fourth quarter, fiscal year 2019.

Ballesteros was a key player in rewarehousing thousands of feet of bulk stock to prepare the storage areas for the oncoming battery mission in the bulk warehouse.

“Due to his attention-to-detail and knowledge of warehousing practices, Jed was able to identify, report discrepancies and make on-the-spot corrections,” said supervisor Andrea Valadez. “His support to this task and to the team helped ensure space was readily available for the incoming stock.”

In a single day, the mission received 167 material release orders totaling 3,816 vehicle batteries. He played a key role in selecting, packing and shipping 159 pallets to the customer in a timely manner, exceeding customer expectations.

Ballesteros consistently lends a helping hand to outside areas and steps up to support special projects at the distribution center. In addition to helping in processing foreign military sales shipments, he single-handedly reconfigured multiple outbound truckloads and strapped over 1,000 pallets of concertina wire to be shipped out to meet required delivery dates.

Specific to this quarter, he played a key role in receiving 63,462 receipts at an average percent on time at 96 % and issuing more than 351 thousand total material release orders at an average 94% on time.

Further, he was part of a team that identified an issue with a replenishment order of cold weather meals ready to eat, requiring an immediate corrective action plan. The team had to properly identify and relabel 30 thousand cartons of MREs equaling 625 pallets equaling 17 truckloads. The truckloads were offloaded, segregated for inventory, properly relabeled and ultimately made available for customer requisition.

Lastly, Ballesteros was involved with a special project involving MRE stock rotation of 35 thousand cartons of MREs from DLA Distribution Korea to DDJC. His assistance was instrumental in offloading 25 truckloads, which required swapping out 331 global positioning pallets and sending them back to Korea. His efforts helped recoup these high-dollar assets.

“Mr. Ballesteros’ ongoing dedication to support the warfighter and support of our demanding and critical mission, warrants special recognition. Day in and day out, he takes pride and ownership in every aspect of his job,” said Valadez. “His can do attitude, thinking outside of the box, and his amazing knack for multitasking perfectly aligns with DLA’s mission, vision and values.”