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News | June 17, 2020

San Joaquin’s Winter receives the DLA Distribution Strategic Goals Award in the Strong Partnerships Category

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Distribution Facilities Manager Shad Winter assigned as the Mission Group chief at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was selected as the DLA Distribution Strategic Goals Award winner in the Strong Partnerships Category for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019.

“Mr. Winter is the personification of remarkable professionalism and a true champion for building strong partnerships across all lines of the business,” said DLA Distribution San Joaquin Deputy Commander, Jodie Johnson-Micks.

As the senior manager over the warehousing operation, he led the distribution center in expertly managing over 385 thousand national stock numbers valued at over $8 billion. Under his leadership, he is responsible for managing over 75% of the mission workload and has outperformed DLA Distribution’s percentage on time average days’ key performance metrics every month this quarter and for the last three years running.

Most noteworthy this quarter, Winter oversaw a new technology that will have lasting impacts on the DLA Distribution network enterprise wide. He was directly involved in overseeing the distribution center’s participation in the pilot program to execute a proof-of-principle integration of Voice Pick/Workload Management technology within the Distribution Standard System platform.

Winter offered his division as the pilot site and was able to assist DLA Distribution in the design, testing and implementation of voice pick technology for all of DLA Distribution. His efforts resulted in a pick increase in our walk-and-pick areas from 21 order picked per hour to 34 orders picked per hour, a 62% increase.

During the quarter, DLA Distribution San Joaquin completed 73,700 materiel release order picks under voice pick technology using 2,170 man-hours. Prior to this initiative, the distribution center would have expended 3,500 man-hours to accomplish the same number of MRO picks.

Other highlights of Winter’s superb leadership include the Foreign Military Sales team achieving extraordinary results. He expertly managed the processing of over 600 high priority shipments, averaging 99.21% on time rate and over 11,500 routine shipments, averaging 96.81%.

Further, under his guidance, the Mission Group received more than 63,000 receipts at an average percent on time of 96.86% and issued more than 351,000 MROs at an average of 93.91% on time. In addition, his team shipped more than 65,000 dedicated truck shipments with an average next scheduled delivery rate of 95.27%.

Lastly, Winter was the key manager involved in putting together DLA Distribution’s mandated End of Fiscal Year Cut-off Plan. This plan was essential to help balance the distribution center’s books, while simultaneously maintaining metrics resulting in DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s ability to close out the books with minimum exceptions and end September in the green across all key performance metrics.

“Mr. Winter consistently performed in an exceptional manner and contributed to the countless successes for the Mission Group, DLA Distribution San Joaquin, as well as DLA as a whole,” commented Ms. Johnson-Micks. “Every single area he managed, provided critical and first-rate support to the warfighter, first responders, and our foreign allies and all of this is a direct reflection of his stellar leadership.”