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News | June 24, 2020

Defense Supply Center Columbus to implement enhanced visitor process

By Michael Jones DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

The Defense Supply Center Columbus is finalizing an enhanced visitor clearance system that will improve installation security and increase efficiencies for visitors requesting entrance to the installation. This new process will be implemented beginning Aug. 1, 2020.

Specific categories of the new process address unescorted and escorted visitors and visitors to special events with requirements surrounding each type of request. The Installation Commander will not grant unescorted installation access without the required identity proofing, vetting and fitness determination for all visitors who do not possess a Common Access Card, another federal personal identity verification card or other Department of Defense identification card. All unescorted visitors requesting installation access must have a valid need and undergo vetting to determine their fitness for access.

“These measures enhance our security by meeting DoD requirements to use an approved visitor processing system while integrating into our current access control process,” said Michael Wood, DSCC Chief, Security and Emergency Services.

Escorted visitors must present either a valid state driver's license, state identification card with photo, a valid U.S. passport, or a valid passport from other countries cleared by the State Department. A maximum of five visitors per escort are permitted and they can be in the same vehicle with the person performing escort duty, or in one follow-on vehicle.

All unescorted visitors will be registered in the Defense Biometric Identification System Pre-Enrollment website and the Visitor Notification System. Any CAC or Uniformed Services ID holder can sponsor a visitor for unescorted access. The sponsor establishes a visitor’s purpose and assumes responsibility for the visitor for their entire stay while on DSCC.

Admission procedures for visitors attending special events on the installation require an initial risk assessment, in addition to using the unescorted vetting and credential verification process. Waiver options exist where screening is impractical. Strict accountability for all visitors attending special events is required to ensure installation security is maintained.

Visitors must use the DBIDS pre-enrollment website and enter their information. Each visitor must print or download the confirmation which contains a six-digit number and send a copy of the confirmation to the sponsor, and have it in their possession upon entering the installation.

Authorized sponsors are required to register all visitors they sponsor by using the VNS enrollment module.

Both sponsors and escorts of installation visitors must ensure the visitor is aware of and agrees to follow applicable visitor policies and procedures to include prohibition of weapons on DSCC and ensure each visitor is escorted off the installation at the end of the visit. Sponsors are responsible for their visitors for their entire visit and all escorted visitor vehicles will be inspected.

Sponsors who do not have access to the Visitor Notification System, or visitors without access to DBIDS pre-enrollment will need to complete the process at the Visitor Control Center using the workstation provided. This may result is a longer processing time.

For large group functions, defined as functions with 20 or more, visitors will follow the unescorted process.  Sponsors may complete a visitors log instead of entering each visitor individually in the VNS. The sponsor is responsible for emailing a completed visitor log to no later than 7 working days prior to the event. 

Pass & ID will pre-vet these visitors and create personalized passes. Visitors will then be routed through Lane 1 of the installation’s entrance where the Police will verify their identity and their pass. At the conclusion of the visit sponsors must escort visitors off the installation through the Yearling Road gate. 

Visitors requiring recurring unescorted access, or access longer than 7 days, will need to get a DBIDS local ID credential.