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News | Sept. 1, 2020

DLA Distribution Anniston’s Garrett awarded the Inventory Management Civilian Supervisor/Leader of the Year for 2019

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Lead Supply Technician Curtis Garrett, who oversees the inventory action team at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Anniston, Alabama, was recognized as the Inventory Management Civilian Supervisor/Leader of the Year for 2019. 

Garrett more than exceeded required job functions when he approached leadership and asked if he could train on a vacant supervisory position. He totally committed himself to learning the skills and standards required to succeed in the supervisory role, taking the initiative to contact the previous supervisor to establish schedule times to train on the requirements and duties of the position. 

Garrett studied standard operating procedures and passed each quality check to become the subject matter expert for the IAT. 

Garrett fully embraced the role of supervisor, he established and prioritized daily and weekly safety and audit readiness training in compliance with DLA standard operating procedures. He took ownership of trusting the process, insisting that others on his team practice and understand the importance of quality in performing well by continually drilling down and ensuring everyone was properly trained. Garrett excelled in every opportunity to enhance his abilities, making him an asset to DLA Anniston and a cornerstone for the IAT. Garrett’s work ethic established him as team leader, one whose peers are eager to approach at any time for feedback, valuing his opinion regarding decisive decision making to obtain valuable results when accounting for inventories.

Garrett, a former warfighter, knows the importance of receiving the right equipment when requested. He significantly contributed to warfighter support during down time in the inventory process, establishing a team of three people to physically walk through each field, checking data plates to certify that serial numbers were correctly identified for each vehicle before inventories were dropped, ensuring over $25 million worth of capital assets were correctly identified and staged.

Garrett supervised weapons duel certification accountability with 100% accuracy and acquired additional training to perform research which led to recovering over $13 million in assets. He successfully performed more than 4000 physical inventory counts involving multiple quality checks which led to a reduction of inventory adjustments.

Garrett assisted in the dual bare metal verification of over 100,000 weapons identified by the Army for divestiture, demonstrating how to effectively communicate with customers concerning their assets.  He involved DLA Disposition in the dual, bare metal verification to prevent the double handling of the weapons within DLA.

Garrett constantly resolved standing issues that prevented denials in inventorying weapons from receipts and stowage. He volunteered to fill critical roles by working backlog in weapons. His efforts ensured all the proper labels were current and did not pose a danger to the warfighter, resulting in improved processing times, better safety procedures and decreased frustrated materiel.