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News | Nov. 13, 2020

San Joaquin’s Williams saves the life of fellow co-worker

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin laborer Michael Williams of the Unitized Group Rations mission is hailed a hero for saving the life of his fellow co-worker.

Williams’ swift action made the difference. As he was sitting in the break room on the morning of Oct. 15, he noticed that his co-worker was having problems — he was violently coughing which turned into the sounds of gasping for air. His co-worker is deaf, so he signed to him asking if he was ok and he motioned that he needed help.

“I don’t know how I acted so fast I just did, maybe it was the parent instincts in me or knowing when something is wrong it can go good or bad in a matter of seconds so reaction is key,” commented Williams.

After several attempts of the Heimlich Maneuver to clear his airway ending in success, he felt relieved that he was able to help but at the same time was scared and shaken up.

Williams conveyed that just being in that situation where someone’s life is in danger and in his own hands was a scary feeling.

“I’ve never been in this situation before, but I’ve taken courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other life-saving techniques, so I was able to act fast,” he concluded.

Williams truly believes that having prior life-saving training gave him the knowledge to act quickly in noticing the signs and what to do. He is just happy that there was a good outcome and that his co-worker is here with him today.