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News | Dec. 21, 2020

DLA Distribution launches fiscal year 2021 Mentoring Program – seeks mentors and protégés

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Mentoring Program is designed to develop a knowledgeable, accountable cadre of problem-solving supervisors to meet the evolving needs of DLA Distribution. By providing a structured, top management supported, voluntary virtual program, the mentoring program builds on current and emerging leaders across the network.

DLA Distribution Deputy Commander, Perry L. Knight, Senior Executive Service, is the program champion. "As we continue to evolve ways and means to develop our leaders, I am pleased to launch the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Mentoring Program for fiscal year 2021," said Knight. "I invite all eligible supervisors to review the program, and, if you have a desire to be a protégé or a mentor, join Distribution’s Workforce Planning & Development directorate for an information session.”

The program will develop supervisors with tools, resources, and systemic support to grow skills needed for positions of increased responsibility, and broaden the participant’s understanding of the organization, considering how the work gets done at higher echelons, through engagement with other experienced professionals.

This program is focused on promoting individual development through the transfer of skills from experienced managers and specialists. Its key goals are:

    • Develop a knowledgeable cadre of problem solvers
    • Promote individual skills, knowledge, and insight
    • Grow talent to meet the evolving needs of the agency
    • Enhance employee satisfaction and retention

The organization is seeking 20 protégé’ and mentor pairs for this year’s program. Protégé’s selected for the program will benefit from: 

    • Enhanced individual leadership competencies 
    • Strengthened abilities to better manage their career
    • Expanded self-confidence
    • A broader range of experience and exposure and 
    • Improved interpersonal relationships

Benefits to the mentors include:

    • Obtain a greater understanding of the barriers experienced at other levels of the organization 
    • Enhance mentor’s own skills in coaching, counseling, listening and modeling 
    • Develop and practice a more personal style of leadership 
    • Learn new perspectives and approaches 
    • Contribute something to others in the organization 
    • Extend professional networks and
    • Demonstrate expertise and share knowledge 

Participation in the program is virtual and voluntary. Participants should have the ability to attend required trainings and activities. The mentor and protégé relationship is a two-way relationship that must be actively fostered. The program will also provide an important networking opportunity to help protégés better understand the organization’s culture. 

Those interested in applying to be a mentor or a protégé may do so at the website:

“The Mentor Program intends to bring together people in a mutually beneficial, skill sharing, and best practice-oriented environment,” stated Knight. “It is my firm belief that participation in the DLA Distribution Mentor Program will build meaningful relationships between our current and emerging leaders and greatly enhance organizational relationships.”