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News | April 8, 2021

Indo-Pacific Command Surgeon visits, gains insight on DLA Troop Support

By John Dwyer III DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

The Navy’s Command Surgeon for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command visited Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support in Philadelphia April 6, to learn about the agency’s logistics processes and warfighter support.

“I really couldn’t pass up an opportunity to … get a much better feel for how this machine runs because we work so much hand-in-hand,” Navy Rear Adm. Pamela Miller said.

As the Command Surgeon for the military’s U.S. Indo-Pacific region, DLA is the primary logistics provider for Miller and warfighters in the region, from food and uniform items to repair parts. Though specifically in charge of the Indo-Pacific’s medical mission, she wanted to get a holistic view of support to the region.

“I have a pretty decent understanding of Medical because that’s my lane, but I really have to have a broad brush understanding of all classes,” she said. “When you’re sitting around a table, if you’re trying to help problem solve something, your world is bigger than just your lane.”

One thing she was unaware of prior to the visit, was DLA’s level of support to other federal agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Medical Deputy Director Beth McMaster explained these partnerships are valuable, not only to DLA and its federal partners, but also to the military.

“Our view of whole of government, strategic intent, is that it always benefits the warfighter,” McMaster said. “Increasing sales through whole of government partnerships decreases costs to the warfighter, and all customers really.”

During her visit, Miller received an overview of the organization’s structure, as well as in-depth discussions on the missions and operations of each of Troop Support’s five diverse supply chains: Subsistence, Clothing and Textiles, Construction and Equipment, Medical and Industrial Hardware.

Though she currently serves as the Command Surgeon for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Miller’s service history is flavored with it’s own diversity, including time as an enlisted sailor and various assignments around the globe. She said it causes people to ask how she views things with such varied perspectives from her career.

“I tell them it’s the most unique thing, because when you look at all kinds of things just flood your mind and you start thinking about … what does this mean to the physicians,” she said. “What does this mean for the whole of us, from the enlisted all the way through [the force]?”

DLA Troop Support Medical leaders reviewed topics ranging from the military health system transformation to specific support in the Indo-Pacific region, but that didn’t stop Miller from engaging other supply chains such as Subsistence, to learn about their support to the warfighter.

DLA Troop Support Commander Army Brig. Gen. Gavin Lawrence expressed his gratitude for Miller’s visit.

“I’m always grateful, and humbled, when senior leaders like Rear Adm. Miller have an interest in coming to visit DLA Troop Support and engaging our leaders,” he said. “We value that investment in time, and look forward to continued success with our partners in the Indo-Pacific and around the globe.”