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News | April 22, 2021

Spring into action when traveling or getting together in public gatherings

By Security and Emergency Services, Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond

Defense Logistics Agency security officials remind employees to take security precautions when traveling.

Spring is here! When your plans are being made, and before your itinerary is set, be sure to include some of these security tips from Antiterrorism Officer Russell Pitts, DLA Installation Management Richmond.

“Before traveling, leave a copy of your itinerary, along with your contact information with a close friend or family member.” Pitts said.

Pitts said to follow OPSEC, or operations security by not volunteering travel plans or personal information to strangers.

“Keep a low profile. The way you dress, conduct and mannerisms should not attract attention. Try to blend into the local environment,” he said. “Avoid isolated areas, side streets, civil disturbances and demonstrations.

Pitts said while dining out, look for exits and make a quick action plan if you need to evacuate or react to an unforeseen threat. If possible, sit facing the entrance to improve situational awareness.

He said to be alert for unmarked vehicles or personnel, while exercising caution with strangers. Park in well-lit areas.

“When making travel reservations, do not use rank or position,” said Pitts. “When choosing a hotel room, avoid rooms next to emergency exits. Pick an inside room and close the curtains. Verify room service and deliveries and keep your doors and accessible windows closed and locked.”

Pitts also suggests keeping car and house keys separate while maintaining accountability.

“Lock your valuables in the trunk. Ensure you have the proper personal protection equipment and hand sanitizer. Remember to trust your instincts.” Pitts said.

If you are a Defense Department employee and are planning an oversea trip, contact your local antiterrorism officer. The ATO may have additional information that you may need to ensure you have a safe and secure trip.

If you have any question on travel preparations, please contact Pitts, at