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News | April 22, 2021

Slogan by DLA mechanic to mark agency’s 60th anniversary 

By Beth Reece

An automotive mechanic with a penchant for World War I and II history is the winner of the Defense Logistics Agency’s 60th anniversary slogan contest with “Forged by History, Focused on the Future.” 

Kay Teagle of DLA Installation Management Richmond, Virginia, knew little about the agency’s past until she read a blog from previous DLA Chief of Staff Kristin French, now deputy director of DLA Logistics Operations, calling for entries. 

“It was interesting to learn about our origin during World War II and how leaders wanted to centralize logistics for the services to save on resources. It was also cool to know we were forged by history, which became part of my suggested slogan,” Teagle said. 

Milestones like the agency’s designation in 1986 as a Defense Department combat support agency, increasing responsibilities to other federal agencies and the naming of Navy Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic as DLA’s first female director inspired the second half of her slogan: Focused on the Future. 

The agency’s anniversary is Oct. 1 and will be marked starting in July with spotlights on major subordinate commands and directorates on DLA’s website and social media platforms like Facebook, where Teagle’s winning slogan will be prominently displayed.

The contest drew 262 suggestions such as “60 years of diamond-class service” and “60 years strong and getting stronger.” Skubic congratulated Teagle for her winning entry in a surprise announcement during an April 16 visit to DLA activities on Defense Supply Center Richmond.

“I thought she was just going to thank me for my suggestion and was shocked when she said out of all the entries mine was the one that won,” the former soldier said.

Teagle looks forward to learning more about DLA’s history during the celebration and said she hopes to make DLA a long-term career. She joined DLA Installation Management Richmond’s Industrial Equipment Services Section as a general mechanic helper five years ago. 

“I like dealing with customers every day and enjoy fixing their equipment,” she said. “DLA is a great organization and I believe there’s a lot of room for progression. Plus, celebrating our 60th anniversary proves the agency has longevity and has a strong purpose serving people all over the world.”

Skubic presented Teagle a director’s coin for her winning entry.

“It’s a really nice coin. Even when I was in the military, I never got such a high-ranking coin. I took it home to make sure I don’t lose it,” she said.

French attributed DLA’s success to employees throughout the agency who provide logistics, acquisition and technical services.

“Wherever the United States has a significant military presence, DLA is there as well,” she wrote in the blog. “We are America’s combat logistics support agency – our capability, our history and our people are worth celebrating.”