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News | July 8, 2021

DLA police and local counterparts conduct canine focused force protection measure at DLA Distribution Susquehanna

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Eight Pennsylvania canine teams from around the New Cumberland area met at the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania’s café annex to go over planning details before conducting a random antiterrorism measure or RAM for short.

RAMs are a subset of Force Protection Conditions which are mandated to be completed by DLA, the Defense Department and the U.S. Northern Command. RAMs compliment the Force Protection baseline posture of the installation as well as adding an additional layer of security.

“Area canine teams do not get the opportunity to conduct such missions in a DoD or logistics venue, yet they would be the first to be called upon in a crisis. So, what better way to train then allowing them to use our facilities,” said Tim Moore, antiterrorism officer, DLA Installation Management Susquehanna.  

“It was a win-win for all,” said Moore, adding “Teams received valuable training, became aware of the DLA mission and what we do, became familiar with our site and its layout which permits for rapid response should an incident occur requiring their response. The workforce was receptive and appreciative of the event, and I would venture to say their security awareness posture was elevated.”

The teams came from Carlisle Barracks, York County Sherriff, Cumberland County Sherriff, Pennsylvania State Constable, Dauphin County Sherriff and the DLA contracted canine team who worked together to conduct a sweep of DLA’s largest distribution facility. 

Teams were provided with a mission and safety brief, reviewed the Installation Commander’s risk assessment and were then paired with a DLA escort, comprised of members from DLA Installation Management Susquehanna, Security & Emergency Services and DLA Installation Management for Distribution, Security. Two teams conducted a sweep of the cafeteria, training rooms, DLA Information Operations areas, Human Resources, cubicles, command suites and all other areas on the administrative side of the facility. The remaining six teams conducted a sweep of the Eastern Distribution Center.

The purpose of this event was primarily conducted as a deterrence measure and to detect any items inherently dangerous to the workforce or mission. It also allowed security and law enforcement to practice proficiency in detection skills as well as exercising higher level FPCON measures.  

Moore received positive feedback from senior leaders and those who participated in the event. “The detail was successful on many fronts, most notably the already outstanding relationship the DLA team has with area law enforcement was enhanced. Canine teams were provided with a venue not normally available to them. Although this was a security focused initiative, the teams received valuable training in a real-world environment. The visiting teams remarked they were not even aware DLA existed in the area and were both fascinated and impressed with our mission and what we do.”

“We received positive feedback from the teams on the development of our Safety Plan and Risk Assessment, something not previously seen at other venues,” said Moore. “Teams inquired if they could bring other law enforcement entities onto the installation for future training, such as crisis response teams and other canine teams.”