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News | Aug. 23, 2021

May Employee of the Month honorees take service to the next level

By Natalie Skelton, DLA Aviation Public Affairs

The recipients of the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation May Employee of the Month honors know how to make the most of their skill sets to accomplish the mission.

The honorees are Thomas Eseroma, a materials expediter with DLA Aviation at Ogden on Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah; and Maria Ryan, a supplier relationship manager for the DLA Aviation Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate in Richmond, Virginia.

Thomas Eseroma is the recipient from general schedule (GS 1-9, category 1). He works for the Shop Service Centers, processing assets and ensuring inventory accuracy. Recent workforce constraints mean Eseroma singlehandedly covered his SSCs, managing more than 2,400 different assets worth more than $25 million while on a swing shift.

Eseroma was able to process 422 assets equaling 30% of the total workload without error. He also processed 221 individual tickets, which make up another 30% of total replenishments for his SSCs. This dedication ensures critical components are available for the DLA customer.

Eseroma’s nominator, Douglas King, a section chief on the swing shift, said, “Thomas’s contributions helped his assigned SSCs earn an average pick completion time of 25 minutes and 20 seconds, well under the standard of one hour and 30 minutes.”

Eseroma’s work directly supported the Air Force Hydraulic/Pneumatic Shop’s completion of 1,703 end items and return of those items back to aircraft maintenance.

“Thomas’s dependable dedication and continuing efforts to support the mission ensured 16 aircraft across five weapon systems were operational and returned to the warfighter,” King said.

Ryan is the recipient from GS 10-13, category 2 and serves as the Sikorsky supplier relationship manager working with the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate in Richmond, Virginia, coordinating with Aviation Huntsville, Alabama, and U.S. Air Force customers to fulfill their needs.

Ryan used her professional communication and collaboration skills with Sikorsky and other customers to boost material availability 98% for customer direct national stock numbers, 85% for other long-term contracting NSNs, and achieve a total material availability of 89.1%.

“This is truly a team effort and it’s amazing to work with professionals at all levels that work towards common goals,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s nominator, Ronald Johns, a division chief in the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, said the achievement is significant because Sikorsky NSNs make up more than half the measurable material from Sikorsky, and it has a direct influence on customer readiness.

“This achievement is not easily attained and requires persistent collaboration with all parties,” Johns said. “Maria’s performance has resulted in accolades from other directorates, praising her skills.”

About DLA Aviation Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month is awarded to DLA Aviation non-supervisory civilian employees. Two recipients are selected based on individual general schedule pay levels – one from GS 1-9 (Category 1) and one from GS 10-13 (Category 2). Recipients receive a coin, a certificate of achievement from the DLA Aviation deputy commander and a cash award.