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News | Sept. 25, 2021

U.S. Space Force turns to DLA Disposition Services for equipment

By Jeff Landenberger DLA Disposition Services

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services has a long history serving the Army, Navy, Air Forces and Marines but now that service extends to the newly created Space Force.

MSgt Quinton Jones of the U.S. Space Force acquired two Humvees from DLA Disposition Services in Guam for the unit he is attached to: the U.S. Air Force 644th Combat Communications Squadron at Anderson Air Force Base, Guam.

Jones is serving as a contingency skills instructor with the squadron.

[media:1:left:medium“Our mission here, in my section specifically is to provide Pacific Air Forces Airman with combat skills,” Jones said. “One of most recent certifications is the Field Craft Hostile certification, which is an Air Force accredited deployment skill.”

Jones explained how two Humvees acquired from DLA Disposition Services are used during the course “…tactical vehicle training, convoys, foot patrols, map skills and a myriad of skills that gives them the ability of being more of an asset when deployed.”