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News | Feb. 28, 2022

Employee Reflection: Kelly Camacho

By DLA Disposition Services West Region Environmental Protection Specialist

A woman poses.
DLA Disposition Services West Region Environmental Protection Specialist Kelly Camacho.
A woman poses.
DLA Disposition Services West Region Environmental Protection Specialist Kelly Camacho.
Photo By: Courtesy photo
VIRIN: 220115-D-D0441-7655
Describe your job:

I monitor environmental compliance data and liaison with Battle Creek headquarters and West Region Environmental Operations to West sites. I also manage and coordinate scrap tire removals for the West tire sales contract.

How long have you worked for the federal government, including military service?

32 years.

How long have you worked for DLA Disposition Services?

28 years.

Any good memories from your time with DLA?

Being able to move around to different sites and working with people from all over the U.S and other countries when deployed. When we were in the office in San Diego, working together to complete our duties. Discussing disposal operations with other coworkers all in the same room.   

What aspect(s) of your current job gives you the most personal satisfaction?

Helping current environmentalists with clarification on issues with environmental data and regulations so we remain complaint.

Any good advice you’ve received?

Think before you speak.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

Retired, starting my day with yoga or a walk outside, preferably at the beach. Not doing anything specific but doing whatever the day may bring and taking care of my mother.

What was your first job? 

Working in a family-owned Italian restaurant as a hostess. Loved the food.

Do you have a hero?

My dad, Emeil Griffith.


DLA Disposition Services is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by reflecting on its mission, culture, and workforce. This series is highlighting leadership and employees throughout the agency, across the globe. Visit the historical page to learn more about the MSC and its history.