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Dec. 29, 2023

Endless surf ahead for retiring Pacific operations lead

A stalwart property disposal expert gives his final ‘aloha’ to the agency Dec. 30 after a career that began in 1988.

Nov. 30, 2023

Year in review: West region

Customer support efforts across the directorate can vary as widely as the vast West itself.

Nov. 9, 2023

Year in Review: Resource Management

Every successful organization relies on a team that makes it go, and important aspects of that work take place behind the scenes. For Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services, the Resource Management directorate plays a key supporting role.

Nov. 8, 2023

Honoring Veterans: Past and Present

In this year's Veterans Day program video, we bring you a heartfelt message from the DLA Disposition Service Director and hear from several veterans within DLA organizations at HDIFC. With nearly 60% of our workforce having a background in military service, our agency stands as a testament to the enduring values of duty, honor, and sacrifice.

Nov. 6, 2023

Year in review: Business Support

From tech-focused research and development projects to the fielding of DLA’s Warehouse Management System, the Battle Creek-based Business Support team helped bolster mission effectiveness across the spectrum in 2023.

Dec. 28, 2022

Another strong year for Disposition Services Command Support team

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services command team has completed another year of supporting the organization’s directorates and strong partnerships. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Equal Employment Opportunity and Public Affairs offices provide their expertise to the workforce to enhance the work environment by offering crucial training and support, as well as creating a voice for the agency through strategic communication efforts.

Dec. 20, 2022

Big impact from small department sets DLA Disposition Service up for success

Resource Management is one of the smaller departments within DLA Disposition Services but their impact on the day-to-day operations is felt by employees and customers alike.

Dec. 19, 2022

An Annual Update to DLA Disposition Services Strategic Plan

DLA Disposition Services has recently accomplished several lines of effort in its Strategic Plan. Learn about these achievements and how DLA Disposition Services will modernize in the coming year.

Dec. 15, 2022

Another strong year for Disposition Services’ Business Support Directorate

The main mission of Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services’ Business Support Directorate is to support the functionality of other areas and provide ancillary support to business functions within the agency.

Dec. 13, 2022

Modernization paves the way for a successful year

A reflection on the Disposition Services South East team's year of accomplishments and improvements across the region